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fun dive Fun Dive: Blue Lagoon
Price: Rp 1.500.000
Min: 2 persons

Wall & Small Reef

Blue Lagoon dive is the most famous in Padang Bai. It is a perfect place for an easy fun dive, dive course or a night dive, macro photography and snorkeling in Bali. It is sandy bay with a lot of blocks of coral and fields of soft corals. During night diving, it is often possible to see the famous Spanish dancer. The best conditions are in the morning when the visibility is usually better. The dive is about 5 minutes by boat ride from Padangbai Beach.

fun dive Fun Dive: Amuk Bay
Price: Rp 1.500.000
Min: 2 persons

Small Wreck & Reef

It is a good dive site for beginners as only around 10 meters depth and more sheltered making it calmer than those around the islands. This site is close to Padang Bai which makes it a very popular snorkeling site as well.

fun dive Fun Dive: The Jetti
Price: Rp 1.500.000
Min: 2 persons

Macro Dive

We can thank poor planning for this fantastic dive site. This jetty was constructed for ferries and cruise ships to dock at. Unfortunately it was far too shallow for large ships and never used. The concrete pillars quickly became covered in beautiful coral and sponges that teem with sea life. Large number of barracuda, juvenile mackerel, and sardines school here. It’s also common to see frogfish, both juvenile and adult.

fun dive Fun Dive: Gili Mimpang
Price: Rp 1.500.000
Min: 2 persons

Deep Dive Shark & Reef

We recommend scuba diving in Bali’s Gili Mimpang (also known as batu Tiga) only for experienced divers. Here, diving can be an exciting adventure due to the regular strong currents, especially during the full moon. Gili Mimpang’s topography consists of three large rocks and another half dozen smaller ones. Although this dive site is suitable for open-water divers, here we can often find The Sharks below 25 meters depth as well as Mola – Mola, Turtles, and Marble Ray.

fun dive Fun Dive: Gili Tepekong
Price: Rp 1.500.000
Min: 2 persons

Walls Shark Reefs

The largest site of Amuk Bay, diving at Gili Tepekong is always an exceptional experience. It is a small island that offers some of the most impressive diving in Bali. The strong currents coupled with superb marine life and stunning hard and soft coral make this dive site an unforgettable experience. Depending on the conditions, you can dive at various sites around the island.

fun dive Fun Dive: Tulamben
Price: Rp 1.700.000
Min: 2 persons

120 WW2 Wreck

It involves 2 dives may choose the site of USAT Liberty Shipwreck, The Drop Off or Coral Garden. USAT Liberty is located 30 meters from the beach in The Village of Tulamben at the depth between 5 – 30 meters. The Drop off is collections of volcanic rocks that resemble giant wall and are colored with growth of coral reefs and a lot of fishes. Coral Garden is a dive site close to shipwreck, here you can enjoy the beauty of the Nemo garden and the gallery of sculptures.

fun dive Fun Dive: Amed
Price: Rp 1.900.000
Min: 2 persons

Deep Walls & Pelagic

Amed Wall is located outside of Jumeluk Bay, it is a Bali dive site positioned 5-minute boat ride from Amed Beach. Wall plunges to 40 m with beautiful gorgonians and corals and home to the pygmy seahorses. Pyramid located 5 minutes from Amed Beach, with a sandy slope leading to artificial pyramid reefs, which is why it is named. The exceptional macro life and the occasional sandy tortoise are home to mixed tires and metal crates.

fun dive Fun Dive: Gili Biaha
Price: Rp 1.550.000
Min: 2 persons

Deep wall & Shark Cave

Gili Biaha is a rock with a rounded cap of grass. It is located about 4kilometers northeast of Tepekong. Diving in Gili Biaha is an amazing experience as we can choose between two very good dive sites. The names of these top dives sites are Shark Cave and Biaha Slope. Normally, these two dive sites are combined in one dive, the shark cave is located at about 10 meters depth.

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